• Aftermovie Women Code Festival 2019

    7.10 > 14.10.19 Women Code Festival 3rd edition, one week to discover tech and innovation.

    Women Code Festival 3rd Edition gathered more than 2600 participants in 30 events all around Brussels.

  • Who We Are

    The first European tech ecosystem that empowers Women

    A project supported by the Brussels Region

    The First European Female Ecosystem to empower women in technologie and innovation.This Platform brings together public and private sector. WIT Brussels is coordinated by Women in Business which depends on 1819.Brussels : the hub of entrepreneurs in Brussels. In 2017, the Brussels Government has approved the « Next Tech » plan, with the objective to support and foster, through the drafting of several concrete measures, the creation and growth of companies in the digital sector, Women in Tech Brussels was born from a gender policy of this digital Plan.

    Our Missions

    • To sensitize and inform women about digital opportunities and to promote gender equality in the high-tech industry.

    • To stimulate and support women startups creation and growth.

    • To empower women entrepreneurs to share their experience and to present them as role models.

    • To rise awareness among young girls to STEM studies and careers.

    • To monitor the relations between women and digital sector.

    • To emit new gender policies to the institutional and governmental authorities with the contribution of our partners’ expertise.

  • Agenda

    Women's coding afternoon​

    07.07.2020 14h - 18h

    Women's coding afternoon at Le Wagon is a free event workshop whose goal is to encourage women to dive into the coding & IT world!

    If you have plenty of questions about a developer's life and wonder if coding is made for you, you're at the right place to see and ask! Come discover this universe and the way we live it at Le Wagon with our awesome teachers!

    Bring your laptop! It is a hands-on workshop

    There are 2 workshops in one, registration is for the full day!

    Enroll here


    Google Digital Atelier: International Women's Day

    8.03.2020 9h30 - 17h

    Google Digital Atelier is opening it's doors for you especially and will offer 5 workshops (in English), 3 of which are completely new!

    Find the itinerary here

    Organised by Google Digital Atelier and Bossy Magazine

    More info and Enrolment

    WomenWill Leadership​

    08.03.2020 13h - 16h30

    In addition to the regular workshops that day, Google Digital Atelier is also hosting a special IWD edition of their Women Will program, in collaboration with Bossy magazine.

    Mothers & daughters are invited to come follow a training about female Leadership

    Organised by Google Digital Atelier and Bossy Magazine

    More info and Enrolment

    Google digital Atelier

    Events in March

    Google Digital Atelier organises during March plenty of events, workshops and more!

    Find here all the events, itineraries and subscription links

    Sales Webinar


    Discover our secrets to succeed in sales

    3 webinar sessions, 12 secrets.Learn how to succeed in sales!

    Philippe Szombat, founder of BrightBiz (company specialized in sales training, coaching and sales recruitment), will share his secrets on how to hire the best sales people, fill in your agenda with qualitative prospects meeting and sales negotiation.

    Join our free webinar to learn how to succeed in sales. You'll discover new secrets in each session.

    Find all the info here


    Women only Piscine

    30.03.2020 - 24.04.2020

    The Piscine is a month of total immersion in the coding world to integrate 19, but most of all a unique and collaborative experience during which you will build strong relationships with the others Pisciners! And it's free!

    After passing this piscine you can join an 18 month course at Ecole 19 to become a master in coding.

    Organised by Ecole 19

    Do the test to enroll

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